Corrective Actions & Measuring their Performance

Work Instructions to

Completing a successful RCCA

  • IQS uses the five why methodology as a standard RCCA process tool
  • Work Instructions using the five why tool available
  • IQS will provide onsite training including a hands-on workshop 8 – 40 hour sessions based on your specific needs
  • IQS will provide onsite assistance with internal failures / findings using the RCCA of your company's choice including verification of effectiveness
  • IQS will write a RCCA that provides added value and improvement to your company's processes

Measuring Process Performance

  • IQS will develop RCCA performance measurables to monitor the process health including
    •  Day Open (measured on target date)
    •  Response time (measured on target date)
    •  First Time RC Acceptance (Measured on Yes / No)
    •  Time to Close (measured on target date)
    •  Costs (Added to COPQ, minus Internal audits)
    •  Number of findings in any specific category / QMS document
    •  (Targets weaknesses in a document or process that may be changed / improved)